Our Services

We offer external and internal accounting services. 



  • By choosing us as an accounting firm, you will have a chief accountant and a payroll clerk who are easily accessible and take care of your company’s accounting in the best possible way. 

  • In addition, if necessary, we handle all company law notices on your behalf through a proxy procedure.

  • We offer various accounting service package solutions for different companies and different sized accounting entities.

Choose the service package that suits you and ask for a quote so you will know what you are getting and pay for.

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Business accounting & payroll

 Our core services include business accounting and payroll. 


 Electronic financial management saves you time so you can process purchase invoices when it suits you.


Financial consulting & trainings

 We offer customer-oriented consulting on financial management processes and projects.

Company registration services

 We make all company establishments, change notifications and termination notifications in a customer-oriented manner.