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Usein kysyttyjä kysymyksiä ja vinkkejä

Tässä on tärkeitä ohjeita, joista asiakkaamme saavat apua



Omalla toiminnalla, toimimalla oikein, voit vaikuttaa palvelun nopeuteen, sekä hinnoitteluun.

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  • How to submit an e-invoice
    We prefer e-invoices as they arrive fastest and most reliably, but of course you can send us pdf or paper invoice too. Online billing address: 003725131285 (OVT) Operator: 003708599126 (Lianson Technologies Oy) Check e-invoice address:
  • What are our billing addresses?
    If you are not able to submit e-invoices yet, please submit pdf invoices by e-mail: or please submit paper invoiceshere: HR-tilipalvelu Oy PL 62232 01051 LASKUT All other mail must be mailed to: HR-tilipalvelu Oy Vellamonkatu 30 A 302 (3rd floor) 00550 Helsinki Finland For more technical information, please contact:
  • Where to send accounting information Purchase and expense Billing Accounting Housing and real estate company
  • Accounting documents and document entries
    Business accounting is always based on documents. The document can be paper or electronic. Accounting is largely formal and it is easiest to keep receipts in order on a daily basis. The customer, ie the taxpayer, is responsible for the correctness of the documents as well as the content of the document and sufficient information for the accountant to be able to enter the document correctly in the accounts. Often the customer asks how much VAT they will receive from the previous month. In order for us to answer this, we need all the accounting documents to be accounted for on time. The supporting documents must be adequately marked and the supporting documents must be clear. For example, it is not necessary to rewrite the “taxi receipt” on the taxi receipt. Instead, the receipt should write briefly how the expense relates to the business (eg customer visit, freight transport to the customer, etc.). Who has traveled from where to why and why. Consider a situation where a tax audit or audit is performed retrospectively - when the information is found in the document ready, the audits run more smoothly and the accountant has correctly recorded the transaction directly with the information obtained from the document. Briefly tell the accountant by marking on the receipt what it is all about. so happy too much as too little. This is how we succeed together!
  • Schedules for salary information to be delivered
    Salary information, expense and travel invoices must be submitted at least five working days before the payment date so everything will be paid on time and with right fashion. We recommend submitting all expense and travel invoices on a calendar monthly basis. Receipts for accounting must be delivered immediately at the beginning of the following month, but no later than the tenth day. For example, receipts for February must be submitted by March 10th.
  • PDF documents format
    The PDF document must show the same things as the paper document. When scanning PDF document, keep the following in mind: the scanned document is facing the right way and can be read easily all information in the document is clearly visible Pay attention to the following things in particular: the seller and the seller's business ID purchased products or services VAT breakdown One PDF file must contain only one document. Avoid a situation where a VAT breakdown has been covered or removed with a hole punch or stapler rivets. For accounting purposes, a more relevant document is a cash receipt than a receipt printed by a payment terminal. The receipt of the payment terminal is not a receipt, but is a proof of payment for the payment. A receipt showing the VAT breakdown must be shown in the accounts. You can save PDF document in the customer's own Receipt Folder or send them to the accountant in a single e-mail. Choose whichever is easier for you.
  • Salary invoices issues
    The accountant receives information on sales invoices from Visma Fivaldi. If sales invoices have been made using another system, the sales invoices must be submitted to the accountant. In paper mail or Printed in PDF format Receipt folder or e-mail in one e-mail Salary material must be delivered five business days before the salary is paid to the accountant. The accountant receives a salary payment request from the Receipt Folder electronically. A request for payment of salary and related materials such as a tax card, foreclosure, trade union arrest information, etc. must be sent to the accountant for payment of salary: In paper mail or As a PDF printout or Excel in a receipt folder or e-mail compiled into a single message or By e-mail to:
  • Purchase and expense invoices
    Purchase and expense invoices must be addressed to the official name of the company. HR-tilipalvelu Oy, Business ID: 2513128-5 (correct) Harri's account service (incorrect) The accountant receives purchase and expense invoices for processing Visma Fivaldi purchase invoices. If the processing of Visma Fivaldi purchase invoices is not yet in use, the original invoice must be submitted to the accountant: in paper mail or printed in PDF format, in Receipt Folder or send an e-mail
  • Travel and expense invoices
    Travel and expense invoices must be submitted five business days before the salary is paid to the accountant. The accountant receives Travel and Expense Invoices from either Visma Expense or Receipt Folder electronically. For business trips abroad, it is recommended to have a pre-arranged program of the trip or an invitation from the business trip attached to the travel invoice. As many facts as possible about the contents of the trip for a possible tax audit or inquiry. The same material is used in the audit as an attachment to the supporting documents. Travel and expense invoices and related materials should be sent to the accountant if elecotronic option is not already in use: in paper mail or as a PDF printout or Excel compiled in a Receipt Folder or by e-mail to:
  • Cash receipts
    You can send receipts to the accountant: in paper mail or as a PDF printout to the Receipt Folder
  • Missing receipts
    If any relevant document is missing or lost, the entrepreneur must make a free-form document which he or she certifies with his or her own signature.
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