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Business accounting & payroll

Our core services include business accounting and payroll, as well as financial statements.



Business accounting consists of:

  • keeping current business accounts and keeping them up to date

  • calculation of value-added tax (VAT), production of payment information, preparation of a tax return to the Tax Administration on time

  • reporting and paying own-initiative taxes on time

  • billing services, e-invoice/e-invoices, e-invoice, paper invoice

  • purchase and sales ledger management (open item management)

  • financial statements, income tax returns

  • also includes consideration invoicing, accounting and tracking of open items, as well as payment notes

Each option is, of course, tailored to the customer’s wishes and needs.

Payroll and personnel administration services consist of:

  • the payroll of employees and owners

  • hourly and monthly wages, commission wages

  • travel allowances, fringe benefits, travel invoices

  • calculation and settlement of foreclosures

  • calculation and settlement of AY payments

  • expenses

  • holiday pay

  • calculation of final accounts

  • paying salaries or producing a schedule of payments to the entrepreneur

  • Income register declarations, as well as employer's separate declarations

  • declaration and timely payment of own-initiative taxes

  • declarations by insurance companies

  • applying for Kela compensation

We are an authorised accounting firm and a reliable partner that ensures the client's interests and goodwill in cooperation with the auditors and the Tax Administration. We take into account all the client's own wishes and needs.

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